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Firestone Metal Products: Metal Wall Panel Systems, Column Covers and Light Management Systems

Performance Roofing Associates represents the complete line of Firestone Metal Products wall panel systems for architectural, institutional, commercial and industrial applications. Performance Roofing Associates can assist in the selection process of evaluating which panel system best fits the design concept, performance criteria, and budget. Firestone Metal Products' wall panels consist of Composite Panels (ACM), Honeycomb Panels, Aluminum Plate Panels, UNA-FOAM Insulated Wall Panels and Delta Concealed Wall Panels. Panels are made with recycled content and are recyclable at the end of their service life, helping meet LEED requirements. Firestone Metal Products' wall panels offer long-term performance and are an environmentally friendly option for today's buildings.

Firestone Metal Products sustainable metal wall panel systems, column covers, light shelves and sun screens provide a variety of creative solutions for design professionals. Custom shapes, sizes, and radiuses are no problem with our state-of-the-art production facility located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania and other facilities located nationwide.

Metal Wall Panel Systems

The Firestone Metal Products line of metal wall panel systems includes:

  • Composite Panels (ACM)
  • Honeycomb Panels
  • Aluminum Plate Panels
  • Insulated Wall Panels
  • Concealed Fastening Panels

The above panels are offered in a variety of joint options including caulk joints, gasketed joints and open joint profiles. Select profiles have satisfied all requirements of the AAMA 508 test, certifying them as a Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System. 

Download the Firestone UNA-FOAM Insulated Wall Panels Brochure
Download the Firestone Delta Concealed Fastener Panels Brochure

Column Covers

The Firestone Metal Products column covers offer interior and exterior aesthetic solutions for structural beams. Material options include cooper, steel, stainless steel, cooper, RHEINZINK and composite in a variety of finishes, in lengths up to 192" and as small as a 5" radius. 

Light Management Systems (Light Shelves & Sun Screens)

The Firestone Metal Products Integrated Light Management Systems are engineered to work together to optimize the light and energy performance of a building. Sun Screens filter up to 92% of summertime heat and glare, minimizing the HVAC requirements. Light Shelves enhance daylight penetration, significantly reducing lighting costs.

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